University of Bergen

The University of Bergen (UiB) is an internationally recognised research university, the most cited university in Norway, and employs

3,600 academic staff. There are seven faculties at UiB with a total of 16,400 students, of whom a tenth are international students and

one third of the graduating doctors come from outside Norway.


UiB’s strategy is focused on the three themes of Ocean, Life and Society, which is also reflected in its four centres of excellence, those

of geobiology, space science, maternal & child health, and cancer biomarkers. A fifth centre is also planned, for the study of early

human behaviour, which will be run by archaeology at UiB.


UiB is one of the most international of Norway’s universities, with study centres in Kiel, Brussels, Berkeley, Saint Petersburg, York,

Rome, Athens, Dubrovnik and Caen. UiB also has a large number of bilateral agreements with universities globally. Within

Archaeology, there are especially close collaborations with the universities at Kiel, Aarhus, Lund, Durham and Witwatersrand.

The Team from Bergen


Prof. Dr. Simon Malmberg

Local Coordinator

Professor and head of Archaeology

 Department for Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion

Christina Videbech.jpg

Christina Videbech M.A.

Research Assistant

PhD Student of Archaeology

Department for Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion